Nepalis Who Design is a directory of Nepali designers working in product, graphic, art, type, illustration and other design disciplines.

How did you come up with this idea?

We didn't. This project is inspired by our fantastic sibling sites.

How did you build this?

Nepalis Who Design is built using the amazing visual language and design template created for Brazilians Who Design . However, we chose to write the back-end code in PHP and mySQL due to technical constrains.

Who is behind this?

How can I join?

If you know a Nepali designer whose work or voice is valuable to the design industry, please fill out this form with their information and a few words about why you're nominating them. You can choose to link to their portfolio, to their Linkedin, or to other social profiles — any link that you feel best represents how that person is making a difference in the industry. We decided not to collect or display the designer's photo because we wanted the repository to be less about what someone looks like and more about how they're making an impact in the industry.

I am new to this field, can I join?

Yes, if we like what we see, then why not? We will check the online portfolio and links you provide and we will make our decision based on what we see.

Do I need to be living and working in Nepal?

No. You could be anywhere in the world. If you belong to Nepal, you belong here.

How long does it take to get featured?

We will try to make is as quick as possible. Please allow us a week’s time. Our moderators are working people with day jobs. They will do this in their free time, so please have some patience.

I don’t want to be listed. What do I do?

If you change your mind and do not want to be featured, contact us.