Ajay Khatri

Ajay Khatri

Designer since 2017
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Multimedia & UI/UX Designer


Work experiences

Multimedia/UI Designer

Enspire Tech since Jun 2021

Multimedia Designer

Hariyo Tarkari Pvt. Ltd. since Dec 2020

Multimedia Designer

Freshway Mega Mart Pvt. Ltd. since Dec 2020

Star Ambassador

ING SKILL ACADEMY since May 2020 until May 2021

Being a part of ING Skill Academy as an Skill Ambassador, I got a great exposure where I was able to develop my inter personal, life and career skills. This ambassadorship also gave me the opportunity to meet interesting and creative individuals all around the world. This tenure was very helpful in boosting my confidence level and also got several opportunities to showcase my creativity. All in all, it was a great experience!

Multimedia Designer

Cisco Info Tech Pvt. Ltd. since Aug 2018 until Oct 2019

I worked as a Graphics Designer at startup Cisco Info Tech Pvt. Ltd. It gave me the real-world experience of startup culture, colleagues, and work ethics. It was fun to explore and learn at the same time.

Information Technology Officer

Nepalese Students' Club since Mar 2017 until May 2019

Working as an Information Technology Officer, it gave me the real-world experience of team work, colleagues, and work ethics. I had an amazing work-life there.


Hi, I am a multimedia designer who was born and raised in Nepal. My creative roots come from living around the beautiful country there. In my career, I’ve had the privilege of working in many different industries and for clients including a shopping agency, a design agency, an IT company, a non-profit organization, and private clients. Video Editing, Graphics Editing/ Animation & Social Media Management are my areas of expertise. I enjoy exploring new styles and techniques to suit the client's needs. Being exposed to new people and their experiences can influence my design and give me a new perspective.
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