Rabin Sharma

Rabin Sharma

Designer since 2015
Certified designer

As a Senior Interaction Designer at IME Panipokhari, I am responsible for harmonizing complex systems and transforming them into elegant human experiences. As a lifelong learner, curiosity and empathy drive my desire to engage with the world and the people in it.I have collaborated with startups, agencies, and R&D teams within large corporations, creating work that spans from high-level strategy to detailed design specs.


Work experiences

Product Designer

IME Digital Solution since May 2019

UX Researcher

Ekbana Solutions Pte. Ltd since Mar 2018 until May 2019

UI/UX designer

kozzaja Infotech since Mar 2015 until Feb 2017


I design digital products, services , and brand strategy and currently work with "IME Group" on challenges related to digital wallet, mobile money, digital banking, remittance, and financial opportunity.

Solve problems with human centered design.
Perform Right-sizes research at right time.
Apply Lean Design Thinking.
Prepare UX strategies to convert user frustrations into delight.
Conduct activities like User Observations, Interview, Contextual Inquiry and Usability Tests.
Redesig and bring new products to market.
Convert user data into insights.
Integrate, optimize, and prioritize customer impact and business strategy.
Create impact on a daily basis, reduction of statistical uncertainty, and provide context through mixed-method data collection(subjective & objective) and analysis.
Collect qualitative insights to contextualize analytics.
Share the brand experience through UI.